Amazing Effects


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KKK There are almost unlimited effect combinations that can be acheived with the in depth effects settings in Cycler 3.
K K K Dynamic Content

Most sliders accept only images. Cycler 3 supports all your stacks content to make rich and dynamic sliders.


Cycler 3 ships with over 2 dozen professionally designed graphics for bullets and navigation. All of these graphics have been designed for retina displays.


For those that like to get down and dirty, Cycler 3 lets you customize almost every aspect of its styling and animation.

Easy to Use

Cycler 3 is ready to go out of the box. You dont even need to touch its settings at all to obtain a beautiful slider for your site.


Cycler 3 fully support responsive design. You can use my Responsive Layout Stacks to even make the contents of Cycler respond on mobile browsers as well.

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